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2023 Representation with AI: Course in Collaborative Image Generation

"Ai drawing tools may actually embolden hand-sketching - real-time drawing - as a tool of design."

2020 Urban Design Forum

Design With Viral Events

"viral videos are moments in which the dynamics in our society are forced into the open, and embodied in physical confrontation. They become viral events – place based phenomena that resonate across social media."

2020 Harvesting The Field: Institutionalizing the Spiritual in the Redevelopment of the Heart of Varanasi (Singh and Waxman)

"The redevelopment project claims to be liberating various shrines by demolishing the mohalla field condition; but one must wonder if that is similar to liberating a snail from its shell?"

2020 Salus.Global COVID-19 Bulletin

Viral Destabilisation: Psychosocial Design in the time of COVID-19

"viral destabilisation’ is fast becoming an opportunity for states to seize greater power by capitalising on structural vulnerability as well as vulnerable communities. Designers should therefore be keenly aware of viral destabilisation and understand how agencies can use it – and indeed are using it – to shift power dynamics."


2018 Urban Design and Mental Health

Behavior Blockchain For Healthy Cities

"The base of the healthcare blockchain ledger is electronic health records and through the mining and exchange process, the ledger is constantly updated to represent adapted risk based on social network data, geography, consumer choices etc - in a word, behavior." 

2018 TreeHouse Society 

Black Box Cryptography: Of Zen Noble Truths and Blockchain

"You are a black box ().  More appropriately, you and I together, in this shared space, are (in) a black box right now.  Big data () flows through, informing our context and ourselves. In this sense(), we form a cipher (円相) between us, a cryptographic (void () of potentiality (如来)."  


2017 New York Academy of Medicine

Mapping Emotion To Improve Neighborhood Health

"data generates a map of the neighborhood revealing hotspots that trigger emotion, and behavior among program participants.  On the map, the hotspots are correlated with data aggregated from electronic health records" 

2017 Urban Design and Mental Health

Preventing Chronic Violence With Urban Rhythms

"Urban systems materialize social hierarchy spatially along with technological change; effects of this hierarchy can be read in violence outcomes."

2017 Urban Design Forum

A New Kind of Hospital Room

"In Spring 2015, a group of 10 Brownsville youth presented a complex map of perceived risk due to potential gun violence in the Marcus Garvey Village (MGV) to Kenneth Frampton, the architect who designed the development 42 years prior."

2016 Decolonial Landscape Architecture

"ecosocial design is landscape architecture that operates in this 'wild' space"

2016 The Currency of Informality: Health

"the human body has become the site of extraction in post-industrial cities"

2015 Pew Charitable Trusts

Brownsville, Brooklyn, Health Impact Assessment

"[Brownsville] has a unique and critical relationship to the rest of New York as a refuge for the under-served, a location of violence, and a hotbed for social innovation."

2015 Melting Pot Foundation

New York City Housing Authority's Delicious Forest

"public housing represents a unique ground of human nature. Rather than a problem to be ignored, these spaces are living testament to society’s social commons"

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