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Adornment of Incan Emperors and American Gangsters


Our Story

The Million Dollar Hoodie is sourced from 100% locally owned wild Andean vicuña.  Clothing of vicuña fleece were traditionally worn by Incan Emperors, then Spanish royalty, then American gangsters. Only recently has the practice been revitalized by locals in a sustainable manner, shearing rather than killing the vicuña in the highlands. It was bad bad, now it's bad bad good. 

The Million Dollar Hoodie is managed, sown, and produced in the Andean highlands by multigenerational families using the indigenous Quechua language.  All profits go towards the Quechuan economy and the revitalization of traditional weaving cultural arts. 

Purchasing a Million Dollar Hoodie is not just buying an amazing sweater.  It is a ticket into an ancient culture.  With your purchase, you are booked on a trip to the Andean highlands where you can immerse yourself into the ancient arts, culture, and Quechua language.  Each Million Dollar Hoodie is a unique work of art, commissioned for your body type and produced by elder craftspeople. Prices range per hoodie from around 9,000 - 30,000 USD. 

The closest thing to the Million Dollar Hoodie is Loro Piana's vicuña jackets and sweaters which run around the same price, although the vicuña are privately owned on an Italian owned estate in Peru and then the fleece is shipped to Italy for processing.  They talk cultural revitalization, but most of that revitalization and profit is in Italy.  A worthwhile venture - but not as baddass as the Million Dollar Hoodie. See the video below. 

million dollar hoodie.PNG

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Loro Piana Million Dollar Hoodie

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