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Claus Meyer Melting Pot Foundation
Van Dyke Senior Center

Delicious Memories is a collaboration of elders in and around the Van Dyke Houses senior center in Brownsville, Brooklyn, to identify, cook, and remember Brownsville's unique cuisine.  Delicious Memories is the first program of the Melting Pot Foundation, founded by the international renowned chef Claus Meyer famous for his restaurant Noma in Copenhagen.  


The Melting Pot Culinary Academy aims to improve health for the highest risk population in Brownsville, Brooklyn - NYC's hotspot for diabetes and violence - through intergenerational culinary placemaking in Brownsville to improve the social and ecological landscape of the neighborhood.


See us on instagram and the Melting Pot USA website

We are now recruiting the first cohort for the culinary academy.

Ecosocial Plan for NYCHA's Delicious Forest
in Brownsville, NYC
Ecosocial Plan for Healthy Celebration & Evaluation
In Brownsville, NYC

Brownsville's (Food?) Forest

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