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Landscape Medicine

Being Home

The Currency of Informality: Health

"the human body has become the site of extraction in post-industrial cities"

Information Urbanism: Beyond Form and Function

"Informal spaces are the basis of information urbanism - intelligent, living, and ecological - of which we are intimately a part."

Through the Screen: Brownsville Art District


"In the peripheral, edge conditional space, a unique force of discovery is found"

Decolonial Landscape Architecture

"ecosocial design is landscape architecture that operates in this 'wild' space"

You Can Go Home Again


"the moment we fall, we encounter the net beneath us."

The Physical Practice of Ecosocial Design

"ecosocial design requires not simply an expression of the self, like a scream, but a dynamic engagement of openness with others"

Turn Toxic Into Sacred



Poems of being in between.

"[the] urban public commons, our shared environment, has come to be recognized as the primary cause of, and solution to, health equity issues (CDC 2014)."

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