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Ecosocial design is the design of human landscapes from the inside out.


The term "Ecosocial" is a combination of the words ecological and social, and refers to interconnected human, animal, plant, and mineral material systems of various scales that are influenced by social processes; and social process that are likewise influenced by material systems.  "Ecosocial" is a word that actively acknowledges this intertwined process, the ecological and social forming and informing each other over time.

Human health is ecosocial.  Our decisions are a part of our lifestyle, leading to our friends, family, and place of living, all of which affects what our body looks like and is sustained by.  This physical reality - our bodily health, where we work, live, play; and even the language we use; affects our decisions, and the process continues, becoming our shared cultural and material reality.

Language and cultural shift; infrastructural and technological change; the development of chronic disease, wealth, and marginalization on a population scale; all of these are intensely ecosocial issues.

Your body and mind is the reflection of your landscape- your friends, family, neighborhood, food, infrastructure etc.  Likewise, your landscape is affected by how you live.

Shared spaces and environments are created by the people who live in them - they are crystallized shared psychosocial realities.  We make spaces together.

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