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Time for a fresh perspective

“Mind bending! Since Normal People, I see the city in a whole new way” - Normal person

“Normal People was like a vacation from my life... and yet I’ve never felt more myself!” - Normal person 


“We hired Normal People for a tricky intractable social problem, and now the team sees the whole situation differently.   Now we don’t have a problem, we have an opportunity!” - Normal Person 

Normal People allows YOU to enter a landscape from a different angle; from which you can change and engage as you wish.  This is well suited to address particularly sticky and seemingly impossible personal challenges, as well as landscape and cultural issues. 


All elements of the Normal People “game” landscape are real, so Normal People goes beyond conventional immersive theater and far beyond conventional VR.  Normal People is predicated on the concept that any landscape has a panoply or ways of seeing and engaging, many of which may appear closed, out of reach, or even unknown to each of us.  Because each way of seeing coexists side by side, it’s possible, with the right environment and narrative, to slip from one view to another.  We call this phenomenon the "nijiri-guchi" or "crawl through entrance."

With Normal People, we experience the world we affect in a vastly new way, understanding structural pressure points within social and physical systems - seeing from a new perspective.

Characters and Narrative:


Can you ever change yourself? 

Can you change others? 

Do places change? Can place change people? 

Everything changes always - permanent impermanence?  How do we realize or reveal change? 

Normal people is an experiment in transformational identity and transformational places. Pilgrimages, healing journeys, insightful trips, hospitals, hotels, sacred sites - are all examples of transformational landscapes. Normal people allows you to experience your own landscape, even your own life, from another perspective.

When you play Normal People, you are presented with a series of “characters” by which to enter a landscape.  Of course, no matter what “character” you play, you’re going to be yourself, so don’t worry about authenticity.  You can draw from your “character” backstory to interact with other characters, or you can embellish as you wish.  Just remember, you’re still responsible for everything you do - and everyone else is responsible too!  The “character” provides you with a vehicle and veil by which to interact with other Normal People.

Are you ready to go to the “next level?”

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